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About the Breeder My name is Darce and I live in Orlando Florida with my 3 kids.  I breed only a few times a year at the most.  I have 3 female shar-peis:  Meesha, Destiny and Dakota. Dakota had her 1st litter 3-24-12.  I raised the pups in a home environment with the help of my three children AUstin (10, Kasie (8) and Ciara (6).   Needless to say between my own kids and all their friends, my pups are very well socialized by the time they go to their new homes.  They get lots of play and lots of love.  Theya are pretty much hopusebroken by the time they go to thier new homes, and theyv are AKC registered, have health certificates and eye tacking done (if needed) before they go to their new families.

Shar-Pei PuppiesAbout the Breed You can read much information on the internet about the breed good and bad just as you can for any dog. My experience has been that the shar pei is a very loyal dog to it's owner. The more you socialize it the more social it will be. They are very protective over the children and owners in the family. Once you own one, plan to own it for life as it is very committed to its owner.

The litters I usually only have one to two litters a year.  I sell my pups for $1000.  I currently have pups that were born  March of 2012 and am taking deposits.  I keep my webiste updated as to when new litters are to arrive so if you miss out on this litter just keep checking backLiza did not have a litter but Mariah and Destiny (liza's daughter) had 5 pups each. Destiny is a blue horsecoat mini shar-pei and this is her first litter. Mariah's pups were born on October 8, 2006 and Destiny's were born two weeks later on the 21st of October. All are adorbale of course (see pics). Prices are $1000. All are AKC registered. Any shipping expense of the pups is extra and is usually about $250. HEalth certificates are included with each puppy and any eye tacking, should it be neeeded, is also completed. I encourage you to read testimonials written by some of the wonderful people I have sold pups to and to see pics of some of "my" pups all grown up.


We can be reached at 407-256-3450 or
e-mail us at DarceZack@AOL.com.